Torsion Spring Supplier In India

Torsion Spring Manufacturer

We are one of the leading Torsion Spring Manufacturer from India. A torsion spring is a type of mechanical spring that is designed to store energy by twisting or rotating around an axis. It typically consists of a wire that is wound into a helical shape and has arms or legs that extend outward from the central axis. When torque is applied to the legs, the spring resists the twisting motion and returns to its original position when the torque is removed. Additionally, the design of the ends of the spring, which can be straight, bent, or hooked, can affect its behaviour and functionality.

Torsion Spring Supplier

We are one of the largest Tension Spring Supplier in India. Torsion springs are used in a variety of applications, such as in clothespins, mousetraps, garage doors, and various types of machinery. They are also used in more specialized applications, such as in the suspension of vehicles, airplanes, and space shuttles. The properties of a torsion spring depend on various factors, such as the wire diameter, the diameter of the coil, the number of coils, and the material used to make it.

Features of Torsion Spring

  • High energy storage capacity
  • Long service life
  • Consistent and predictable performance
  • Adjustable torque
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